Black Vinyl LP + Patch BUNDLE INCLUDES:- Look Now Black Vinyl, 180g- Look Now 3”x3” woven patch- All instant grat tracks leading up to releaseRELEASE DATE:Oct 12th, 2018TRACK LISTING:Side A1. Under Lime2. Don’t Look Now3. Burnt Sugar Is So Bitter4. Stripping Paper5. Unwanted Number6. I Let The Sun Go DownSide B7. Mr. & Mrs. Hush8. Photographs Can Lie9. Dishonor The Stars10. Suspect My Tears11. Why Won’t Heaven Help Me?12...

Black Vinyl LP + Patch

  • Black Vinyl LP + Patch

Black Vinyl LP + Patch

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Product Details

- Look Now Black Vinyl, 180g
- Look Now 3”x3” woven patch
- All instant grat tracks leading up to release

Oct 12th, 2018

Side A
1. Under Lime
2. Don’t Look Now
3. Burnt Sugar Is So Bitter
4. Stripping Paper
5. Unwanted Number
6. I Let The Sun Go Down

Side B
7. Mr. & Mrs. Hush
8. Photographs Can Lie
9. Dishonor The Stars
10. Suspect My Tears
11. Why Won’t Heaven Help Me?
12. He’s Given Me Things

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